Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting Lots Listed

Just this weekend I was able to photograph & list all 9 of these!  Anyone else loving these cheerful colors?

Click on an image to be taken to its shop listing.

I can't remember the last time I felt so productive for the shop.  :]  Lovin' this feeling.

What did your weekend look like?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Week Four's Winner

Yay for a healthy collection of comments on this last week's giveaway.  And a big Congratulations to Debbie!

She chose the dark blue ear warmer.

And with that, January's series of Giveaways ends.  I want to thank everyone for all your support & for "playing" with me.  :)  I hope to do something like this again.  (I'm always taking suggestions!  Leave them in the comments please)  This has been a fun feature of each week and now I have to figure out what to fill it with. .... hmm..... that'll be the tough part....

Congratulations again to Debbie!  It is on its way.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Strawberry Patch Shell Hat + Ear Warmer

I couldn’t get enough of this cute little hat after I posted about it here.  And I thought this yarn would be a perfect shell hat for those that want a little more color than just white. 

Next on the list for this yarn: an ear warmer.  I think I might have to get more of this yarn to make more items out of it for the shop.  I just love how optimistic & bright this yarn is.  

Or maybe I should try it in a few granny squares for the afghan.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Photo Shoot!

It’s been needed for a long time.  I finally found a free Saturday to get a sunny day for photos and even a friend to volunteer modeling :)  fun!

Of course, I wasn’t planning to have a snowy-white background but Mother Nature had other ideas.  She decided to drop a few inches on us at the end of last week so I guess a winter wonderland was the look of the shoot.

At least it made for some nice seasonal pictures.  

*Psst - don't forget to enter the last Ear Warmer Giveaway.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Custom Cable Red Hat

I love little surprises in my inbox.  Especially when they lead to a sale!  I received a convo on etsy, last Thursday, asking if I could make this cable hat in red.

I originally had a mitten started for this knit along but the yarn & the pattern weren’t lining up the way I would have liked so I ripped it out and started the red hat. 

I was surprised, even for me, with all the ripping out, backtracking, and fixing on Friday & Saturday that I finished it in less than two days – Saturday evening while babysitting!  So I emailed, listed it and had it all squared up to go in the mail Monday morning.  Great weekend! :]

*Don't forget, this is your last week to enter the Ear Warmer Giveaway.

Monday, January 23, 2012

It’s the Last One! - Ear Warmer Giveaway Week 4

Congratulations to Genevieve!   She has had her heart set on the rose pink ear warmer since Week One!

For this last week, I want to open the love to everyone who has entered any of this month’s giveaways. 

So if you only commented on Week 1 and didn’t win, you’re comment is your entry to this week’s.  If you entered Week 1 AND Week 2, both your comments (each individual comment; not facebook likes) will count as entries for this week’s.  Same for Week 3

Strawberry Chocolate

If you’re happy with your number of entries, sit back and enjoy this week. 

If you want to increase your chances, you can comment on this post for one more entry.  Tell me how you liked or would improve this month’s series of giveaways. 

Midnight Blue

Since we are down to our last ear warmer, I figured I would offer to make an ear warmer out of this beautiful Midnight Blue if the winner prefers darker colors to the variegated pink.  Like usual, just let me know in your comment which you would prefer to win.  Or get creative & come up with your own color (I can't guarantee that I'll have it, but if I do, I'll make it for you!)

Thank you for supporting me and this little blog.  I’ve loved sending off small prizes and it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun (or possible) without all of you.  Thanks again!  
*Please be sure to include an email address with your entry at which to notify you of the good news.  A winner will be chosen at random Saturday, Jan. 28, around midnight and notified Sunday morning.  Please respond during the day Sunday so I can ship your prize on Monday.  Otherwise a new winner will be chosen Monday morning.  Thank you!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 3 Winner

My, we didn't have a whole lot of turn out this week; but that just improves the odds for those that entered!  .............*drum roll*......................  Congratulations to Genevieve!

She has had her heart set on the rose pink ear warmer since Week One!  Her perseverance has paid off :)  

And for next week's giveaway (the last one!) I have decided to give everyone a second chance right off the bat.  If you have commented on ANY previous week and not won, consider it as your entry to Week 4.  Of course, you can comment again for a second entry when Week Four is posted, if you like.  I will have more details tomorrow when Week Four is live.

Thanks for all your support and congratulations again to Genevieve!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Look What I Found

While gearing up for work Wednesday morning, I came across this in my activity feed:

Did you see it in there?  The brown camo beanie is featured!  That helps start the morning off nicely :)


This afternoon, I just found this treasury by Baghy!:

Isn't it interesting?  I love all the variances of color.  She did a beautiful job with this treasuring & I'm so honored to have the Blue Stripe Blanket featured it!

What are you finding today?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

White Shells

Can you guess what this is?

It's a beanie!

I started it on the drive back to Toledo (from Chicago).  I had all my granny squares completed, minus a few I saved to do when I have the proper picture-shooting conditions, and couldn't get enough of the shell stitch, so I started this little delight.

Isn't she cute?  Perfect for spring weather, I'm hoping.   It never really froze here, so in my mind spring should be *just around the corner* ;-)  But knowing Toledo, it won't show its face until the end of May for a week; then Summer will bully in.

Anyway, back to this cute beanie.  I finished it off Monday afternoon and....

... decided to start another one (because white was all I had with me and I was still a few hours from home).  hehe.
**update**  She is now available for purchase in the shop.

Now my brain is swirling with other fun little things to make with this shell stitch.  ... hehe....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Granny Squares!

Yay!  For once I actually stuck with a goal more than a day, haha.  I know I can be pretty flaky sometimes.  I think it is mostly due to my over-enthusiasm to do everything NOW.  Anyway, Granny Squares...

The last two waiting to be "squared" with white.

I brought a tote of leftover acrylic yarn from who knows how long ago to babysitting last week (I think there is still some little yarn balls that I had back when I *learned* to crochet at 7yr.  I definitely recognize them from some of my first creations...)

and I couldn't believe how quickly these little guys whipped up!

I think the "worse" part was switching colors all the time.  So at least I know I'm ready to try a little afghan like the one I posted about earlier.

Below is the pattern I'm currently following for this first project.  Maybe it'll end up in the shop, I'm not sure yet.


And then, if I'm not too bored with the shell pattern (which my dad reminded me is the actual stitch pattern; granny squares are just the square) I'll be taking on this afghan next.

Can't wait!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ear Warmer Giveaway - Round 3

Congratulations to Liesl at LieslMade for winning Week 2!  She chose the mustard yellow ear warmer.

This time around, let’s change things up a little bit.

Rose Pink
Pick your favorite item in the shop.  Then, in your comment, link back to the item & tell me what you like about it.  Or tell me what you would do to make it better (written description, photo, pattern design, anything you see that needs improvement).

Pink & Chocolate
For an extra entry, post a link to this giveaway on your site (Twitter, Facebook, blog, etc) and share your link in another comment here.

Thanks for all the love!  I’m so happy to share my craft enthusiasm with you. :)
*Please be sure to include an email address at which to notify you of the good news & which color earwarmer you would prefer as your prize.  A winner will be chosen at random Saturday, Jan. 21, around midnight and notified Sunday morning.  Please respond during the day Sunday so I can ship your prize on Monday.  Otherwise a new winner will be chosen Monday morning.  Thank you!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Liesl at LieslMade for winning Week 2!  

She chose the mustard yellow ear warmer.

If you didn't win last week's giveaway, there's still next week!  Week 3 will start Monday but this time the rules change a little, so be on the look out for that...

Congrats again to Liesl & I hope to see everyone back tomorrow for another chance to win!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Don't forget this week's giveaway ends tomorrow night!

Pink & White Swirl Scarf - a tutorial

Genevieve from SisterlyLove suggested a tutorial on the Pink & White Swirl Scarf so this is that attempt.  I apologize this is my first tutorial over the internet/with pictures so please be patient.  If you have any advice or suggestions, they are most welcome :)

Cast on 16 stitches for your cable, and as many stitches as you want along the side of it.  Note: I only had 2 stitches on either side and that wasn't enough to balance the twist of the cable.  I would recommend at least 4 stitches on either side if not 6, like I did in the Swirl Scarf (P2K2P2).

Knit in pattern.  For our purposes, let's say I had 4+16+4 stitches, so I would P4 K8.

Then I add my second color, with a slip knot, I go in my 9th stitch like I'm going to Knit and instead of yarning around, I pull the slipknot of my new color through the stitch.  

This helps to tide the tail of the new color.  Leaving the first color's string on its last stitch, continue in your new color K8, P4.

It should look like this when you're done with this row.

Turn, K4, P8.  Now you've returned to your first color.  Pull your last stitch snug (the lighter pink in my picture) and cross the strings.  I usually wrap the string that I'm picking up bottom to top or right to left around the string I'm dropping so as to hide it under my new stitch.  
(This took some remembering for me as it's been a while, so please excuse this picture, same wrapping technique, but switch the strings so the light is on top of the dark and the dark comes out under the right side of the lighter pink).

Once you've knit up enough rows that you are happy with, continuing to pull the meeting stitches tight & wrapping the strings between pick-ups, then we can start the cable row.  P4.

Move the next 8 stitches (the first half of your cable) off the needle to a holding needle (I use my crochet hook instead of a "cable needle").

For this cable, I want my first color to be in front of the twist, so I move the hook to the front.  Make sure your string is between the two panels so it doesn't leave a long string on the backside.

Continue K8 with your second color.  Normally you would pull your first stitch tight to avoid a gap, but since this is a different string from your other stitches, it won't matter here.  Just keep your first stitch snug as usual so it isn't extra loose.

Return your first 8 stitches to your needle to be worked. 

This is what it looks like right before starting the second half of the cable.  For the string you dropped (lighter pink), don't worry about wrapping it with the second (darker) color.  You will do that on your next row.

Making sure to use the appropriate color string, tighten your first stitch to avoid a loose stitch.  K8.  P4 (continuing with new color/ darker pink over the lighter pink).

Turn, K4, P8.  Wrap strings like before (drop first color, weave new string from under, out to the right side), and continue with second color; P8, K4.  Turn.

After you have continued in a few regular rows, the cable will become more visible:

Continue in pattern, weaving strings until you are ready to make another cable.  Repeat cable steps.  Before you know it, you'll start to have something like this:

Obviously it needs a little tweaking, but this is the basic design concept.  I hope you enjoyed it and if you try it yourself, I'd love to see/hear about it in the comments :)